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Vision Top Mount Filter (D24)

Vision Top Mount Filter (D24)

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Vision filters are available in both top and side mount versions. The Top Mount Vision filter features a clear valve mounting ring that allows a clear view of filtration and backwashing during operation. The Side Mount Vision features a clear 10 lid for ease of maintenance and a clear view of filtration and backwashing during operation. 

Product Information:
- Patented 10-lid for ease of maintenance
- 10 year tank warranty for residential installations 
- Bobbin wound using the latest in fibreglass winding technology
- Clear mounting ring on top mount models
- Multiport valve comes complete with 1.5" and 50mm quick connect unions
- Hydraulically balanced laterals to maximise water flow and filtration 
- Automatic internal air bleed to expel any unwanted air in the tank 
- Max working pressure 2.5 bar 
- Also available as a 4 bar model