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Vent-Axia HR200 (D24)
Vent-Axia HR200 (D24)
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Vent-Axia HR200 (D24)

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  • Single room domestic heat recovery ventilation unit

  • 3 speed motor

  • Integral washable filter

  • Up to 75% heat recovery

  • Saves energy - controls condensation

  • Low noise


Heat Recovery Ventilation


The Vent-Axia HR200WK is a heat recovery ventilation unit specifically designed for use in domestic kitchens and utility rooms to meet the Building Regulations. The unit is also suitable for light commercial applications up to 61l/s (220m3/h).


Developed for lower flows and lower noise, the HR200WJ is ideal for single living accommodation, for example student accommodation or care homes.

The three speed, external rotor motor has two matched impellers to ensure a controlled airflow through the unit, with exceptionally economical 25 Watt low speed power consumption.

The compact, self-contained unit is designed for through-the-wall mounting.

Easy Installation

The units fit through walls up to 335mm thick requiring a fixing hole 250mm square. The internal grille has washable, polymeric foam supply and extract filters. Only the neat internal twin grille is visible from the room. A wall extension sleeve is available for walls up to 550mm thick.

Heat Exchanger

The highly efficient, polymeric heat exchanger cube is washable. The compact cube interleaves outgoing moist warm air with incoming fresh air and allows the heat from one to warm the other without the two air streams mixing. Up to 75% of the heat, which would otherwise be lost, is transferred to the intake air, ensuring energy saving ventilation.


HR200WK/WJ 220-240V/1/50Hz Class 1 earthed appliance. The 3 speed motor, can be wired to operate On/Off for any one of the three speeds. Alternatively, an Ambient Response Humidity Sensor or simple

changeover switch can be used to provide switching between any two speeds, giving permanent trickle ventilation and automatic changeover to a higher speed during periods of high moisture generation. Also the 3 speed controller enables the unit to be switched from permanent trickle to either medium or boost speed.

A heat recovery unit specifically designed for use in domestic kitchens and utility rooms to meet the latest building regulations. Main body colour; Dark Brown.
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Lower air-flows mean this unit is ideally suitable for residential applications such as care homes and student accommodation. Main body colour; Dark Grey. 3 speed motor, trickle ventilation mode, optional range of switches available.