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Tina Ladder (D24)

Tina Ladder (D24)

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Certikin 1.7- stainless steel ladders comply to Domestic Pool Standard EN16582-1:2015. In order to comply with the current version of Commercial Standard EN13451-1:2015 please order additional double treads for all tread positions on the ladder (In the UK the top tread is already supplied as a double tread).

Certikin 1.7- / 43mm ladders are now supplied with stainless steel anti-slip treads as standard, as well as the new Certikin 1.7- / 43mm pinch anchor that is used to secure the ladder rails into the pool surround. The pinch anchor design is based on the popular 1.5- model for a secure, sturdy installation on all types of pool surround. The foot of the ladder is protected with a rubber shoe to minimise wear and tear on both the pool wall and the ladder itself.

All 1.7- / 43mm ladders are now manufactured in 316 grade stainless steel as standard. Grade 316 standard stainless steel is accepted marine grade quality and is recommended for a longer life product.

Suitable for both concrete and liner pools.

Important: It is strongly recommended that ladders are inspected at regular intervals to ensure the safety of users.

The Tina, Club, Overflow and all of the two-tread ladders are manufactured to order and are therefore not ex-stock.

For the UK only, a double width top tread is supplied with every 1.7- stainless steel ladder.

The Standard style of ladder is the most widely used style.