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Seko PoolDose pH or ORP system (D)

Seko PoolDose pH or ORP system (D)

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PoolDose delivers a user-friendly solution combining a peristaltic dosing pump and single measurement with automatic proportional dosing to adjust chemical parameters or above-ground pools, indoor and outdoor pools.

PoolDose Single - pH
pH (0 – 14)

PoolDose Single - ORP
ORP (0 – 1,000 mV)

Flow Rate and Pressure
Flow rate 1.5 l/h ; Pressure 1.5 bar

Pool Size
Indoor 5 – 130 m³ ; Outdoor 5 – 110 m³


  • Easily connect device to the app by scanning a QR code
  • Wi-Fi module enables pool management via app
  • Galvanized electrical and measure insulation
  • Three PVDF rollers and Santoprene tubing
  • PoolDose ORP manages the Chlorine Generator thanks to internal relay
  • Water meter flow rate input totalizes swimming pool water changes
  • PSS pipe in-line probe holder for easy installation of probe and chemical injection point (accessory not included)
  • Multi-language menu
  • Wizard Probe Calibration and Degree of Health
  • No technical skill required
  • Circulation pump checks “Power On” flow trigger
  • Input level probe checks product levels
  • Proportional dosing TWM (time width modulation) mode
  • Input temperature probe range 0 - 50°C for measure compensation only
  • Installation kit included