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Indux E300 - Discontinued replaced with HR200 (D24)

Indux E300 - Discontinued replaced with HR200 (D24)

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Discontinued replaced with HR200

Indux E300 heat recovery makes the unit ideal for swimming pools, examination rooms, changing rooms, laundries, virtually all environments where ventilation and fresh air are required.

How It Works
The E300 uses 2 specially developed mix flow fans to simultaneously supply and extract air. Both streams are passed through a plastic heat exchanger which extracts heat from the stale exhaust air and pre-warms fresh air supply. Extract and supply air streams do not touch. The heat exchanger consumes no power.

High Performance is achieved because of the special fan design which develops high pressure at low noise levels.

High Efficiency is achieved because of a breakthrough in the technology of heat exchanger manufacture. The all polymer welded construction provides up to 70% heat recovery by using maximum possible plate area with minimum pressure drop.

The E300 is fully controllable by use of a dedicated 3 speed controller. Automatic On / Off control or switching to boost is easily achieved. A separate humidistat can be used in conjunction with this equipment offering further flexibility.

E300: (270mm x 370mm)