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Electro Quantum (D24)
Electro Quantum (D24)
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Electro Quantum (D24)

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Quantum AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) from Elecro Engineering

A prime focus of the science world today is ceramic nano crystal technology, and it is this which is used in the Quantum to create one of the most powerful forms of sterilisation – photocatalytic oxidation. Manufactured by Elecro Engineering and available from Certikin, Quantum eliminates contaminants leaving water looking fresh and clean.

Easy to install, Quantum will give peace of mind as dangerous organisms such as cryptosporidium and adenoviruses are destroyed by the photocatalytic process ensuring pool users are kept safe. Several natural processes occur as the pool water passes through the unit with only pure water returning to the pool.

As a result of the processes occurring inside the Quantum including the production of hydroxyl radicals the treated water is free of all oil-based substances such as sun creams and all organics including urea are totally removed resulting in sparkling water. Quantum also reduces the need for chemicals in the pool and helps eliminate the smell of chlorine.

Once installed this cost-effective solution requires no maintenance; it is equipped with an intelligent lamp life indicator so when the UV lamp which initiates the photocatalytic reaction needs to be replaced this is displayed. Quantum is compatible with both salt and sea water.

Features & Benefits:
• Photocatalytic Ti02/Mo oxidiser and clarifier
• Combined photocatalytic, hydroxyl radical and UV technology
• Eliminates contaminants, leaving water looking fresh and clean
• Reduces the need for chemicals in the pool
• Keeps your family safe from dangerous microorganisms such as cryptosporidium, adenoviruses and naegleria fowleri
• Optional smart peristaltic dosing system for chlorine and hydrogen peroxide
• Powerful sterilisation and eliminates the smell of chlorine
• Average lamp life expectancy: 2 years
• Equipped with intelligent lamp life indicator
• Salt and sea water compatible