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Certikin Plate Heat Exchangers (D24)

Certikin Plate Heat Exchangers (D24)

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Features & Benefits:
- Counter-current flow' direction between primary and secondary fluids maintain a high constant heat transfer.
- End plates can be removed for maintenance and service work.

Certikin plate heat exchangers work by allowing recovery of the heat contained in one fluid being transferred to another fluid via a series of thin metallic plates to conduct the heat. 

The fluids flow across the heat exchanger in opposite directions (Counter-current flow) to maintain a constant heat transfer.

The surface of each plate is manufactured with a pattern of grooves or channels allowing the fluids to flow across each one in turn. A gasket on each plate prevents the two fluids from contacting each other.

The plates are pressed and held together at each end by two steel pressure plates and tightened using threaded steel bars with nuts.

Technical data:
- Plates available in 316 Stainless Steel or Titanium.
- EPDM gaskets.
- 316 stainless steel male threaded connections.