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Blue Lagoon Buster UV-C– 420w Low Pressure System (D24)

Blue Lagoon Buster UV-C– 420w Low Pressure System (D24)

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The housing of the Buster UV-C has been made out of 316L stainless steel with a 3cm thick UV-C resistant PVC lid and bottom, which makes it the perfect disinfection solution for light commercial and high-end domestic pools.

Advantages of the Blue Lagoon Buster UV-C

  • Built-in electronic ballast to ensure a smooth power supply
  • Up to 30% more UV-C yield as a result of reflection by the Stainless Steel reactor
  •  A flow switch integrated in the lid of the unit (420w version) will turn off the lamp at insufficient water flow
  • Integrated LED-Timer for the UV-C lamp(s) with visual indication when the lamp needs replacing
  • Transparent lamp head for easy visual lamp inspection
  • Interchangeable supports allow for easy installation horizontally and vertically
  • 3″ male threaded
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • 2 year guarantee with respect to manufacturing faults