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XFlow VS (D)
XFlow VS (D)
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XFlow VS (D)

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For decades, to fulfill heavy duties like backwash, people have to constantly endure a high noise over 70 dBA (@1m) from their oversized pool pump.

To overcome this problem, Aquagem has been dedicated to develop a solution, InverSilence Technology is successfully launched, the first core technology in pump application addressing noise.

Aquagem's InverSilence Technology generates 16,000 calculations per second, precisely controlling each core component and the motor for optimal silent performance.

XFlow15 VS = 0.73
XFlow19 VS = 1.0


Lock/ Backwash

  • Simple one click for backwash
  • Count down in 180s


  • 4 timers for daily operationSUS316 mechanical seal

SUS316 mechanical seal

  • Double life expectancy
  • Suitable for salt pools

External control

  • Digital Input

  • Relay Output

  • RS485