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• Full inverter technology: silent and energy saving.
• 8 power levels from 8.5 kW to 35 kW*.
• – 20°C lowest outdoor air working temperature.

*Temperature conditions of 28°C Air / 28°C Water

Technical features:
• New, wide LED touchscreen.
• Optional remote control kit.
• Heating priority mode (filtration pump control).
• ABS plastic housing with new injected fan grid; galvanized steel protection grid around the evaporator.
• DC, variable speed fan.
• Automatic cooling mode.
• Automatic defrosting.
• HP & LP safety pressure switch.
• Water flow switch.
• Titanium water exchanger condenser.
• Inverter Rotary compressor.
• Electronic expansion valve.

Accessories included:
• 1 x Winter Cover.
• 4 x Anti-vibration feet.
• Condensate drainage kit.
• 1 x remote display kit (including 10m extension cable).
• 1 x 10m Modbus Signal wire (to connect the heat pump to the Connect Box).
• 2 x PVC fittings 1/2 union Ø 50.