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Hyrdostar Mk4 Commercial Pumps (D24)

Hyrdostar Mk4 Commercial Pumps (D24)

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The new Hydrostar MK4 Commercial Pump has been designed to provide a substantially quieter operation and improved flow rates then the MK3
version. A new reshaped design has optimised the hydraulic efficiency of the pump.

• UV stabilised glass-filled polypropylene housing
• Clear polycarbonate strainer lid for quick inspection
• Lid lock ring with ergonomic handles – simple removal & replacement of the lid without the use of additional tools
• 6 litres/ moulded polypropylene strainer basket
• Heavy duty IP55 weather proofed motor with 431 stainless steel shaft
• Enclosed glass filled Noryl impeller for long-lasting reliability
• Available in 4.0, 5.7 and 7.2 HP
• 90mm metric half union connections
• Drain plugs