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Dolphin Zenit 10 (D)
Dolphin Zenit 10 (D)
Dolphin Zenit 10 (D)

Dolphin Zenit 10 (D)

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The Dolphin Zenit 10 Robotic Cleaner essentailly cleans the pool floor. The cleaner has combined brushes so works on all pool surfaces. A Caddy is included win the cleaner. The Zenit 10 works on pools upto 10m.

This is a great value robotic pool cleaner from Mytronics UK. The Dolphin Zenit 10 can reach difficult areas such as angles where the floor meets the walls.

The Dolphin Zenit 10 brushes, scrubs and filters on the pool floor.

The Zenit 10 scans for a thorough clean.  The filtration compartments open at the top for convenient maintenance. 

Low voltage and low energy consumption with an automatic shut off at the end of the cleaning cycle time.

Dolphin Zenit 10 Features:

  • Cycle Time : 3 hours
  • Cable length : 18 metres
  • Brushes : Combined brushes, matches all pool terrains
  • Weight : 9kg
  • DIY : Easy maintenance
  • Motor unit voltage : 24 VDC
  • Filtration : Fine porosity (fine & ultra-fine cartridges)
  • Swivel on Cable : Prevents cable tangling
  • Power supply : Digital switch-mode Output, 30 VDC; IP 54
  • Suction rate : 17m3 per hour
  • Caddy : Included
  • Wall climbing : NO
  • Top access : Top opening filtration compartments
  • Warranty : 24 months on all parts