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Ø 400 mm injected lid. Complete with pressure gauge, water purges, and multiport valve. Maximum filtration velocity 50 m3/h/m2.

– Bobbin-wound sand filters in polyester/fibreglass resin.
– Cover of Ø 240 mm with screw closure, die-injected for diameters up to 900 mm. Cover of Ø 400 mm with screw closure, die-injected for Ø 1050 and Ø 1200 mm.
– Blue satin-finish, with dust protection with a clear polyurethane flash coat for Ø 500, Ø 600, Ø 750 and Ø 900. Blue finish for Ø 1050 and Ø 1200.
– Equipped with collectors and diffuser of highly resistant PVC and PP plastic.
– Fitted with pressure gauge and manual air and water bleeder valves. For models of Ø 900, Ø 1050 and Ø 1200, includes sand drain of 2 1/2″ sand purge.
– Side-mount, 6+1 way selector valve for filter, backwash, rinse, recirculate, waste and closed, except for models of Ø 500, Ø 600 and Ø 750.
– Maximum flow rate: 50 m3/h/m2. – Maximum operating pressure: 2,5 kg/cm2.
– Inner coating of HDPE (polyethylene), blown for Ø 500 and Ø 600mm, thermoformed ABS for Ø 750 and Ø 900 mm, and polyester/fibreglass for Ø 1050 and Ø 1200 mm.
– Filter base manufactured in plastic with diameter up to 750 mm and polyester and fibreglass for larger diameters. Note: Operating pressure of 4 kg/cm2 available by special order.

– Easy access: Owing to the larger diameter of the top manhole (400 mm) for filters of diameter 1050 mm and 1200 mm, the filter interior can be more easily accessed for servicing.
– Improved finish: Apart from its bobbinwound finish, which provides greater resistance and safety, the blue satin-finish distinguishes it from conventional filters.

MONOBLOC: Berlin filters of diameter 500 and 600 mm are available in monobloc composed of a polypropylene base, filter with side-mount selector valve, selfpriming Sprint pump and all the necessary fittings. Characteristics:
– The monoblocs include a base constructed of weather-resistant plastic.
– All components are designed for easy assembly and precise fitting.
– Contains pre-assembled unit.