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Bering Water Chiller

Bering Water Chiller

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The WATER-WATER chiller is equipped with the following elements:
• Robust and lightweight design in lacquered aluminium or magnesium sheet that to be placed outdoor areas.
• Scroll compressor with carter resistor.
• Water evaporator and condenser made in PVC and Titanium.
• High Pressure and Low Pressure (HP / LP) switches with manual reset.
• Expansion by thermostatic valve with external equalizer
• Drying filter.
• Hydraulic circuit with flow switch on the water inlet made of high molecular weight PVC pipe, good elasticity and remarkable resistance to
stress cracking, an essential feature for the transport of fluids under pressure.
• Refrigerant gas R407C.
• A copper nitrogen cooling circuit, dehydrated and deoxidized.

Electrical panel with full control to guarantee optimal performance with minimum energy consumption. Composed of the following elements:
• On / Off switch.
• Electronic compressor timer.
• Contactors and thermal relay.
• Interconnection terminals and earth.
• Controller


The chiller should be placed in a bypass prepared for the purpose at the purifcation outlet of the system and prior to any system dosing with chemical products. Whenever it is not possible to have the doing system inlet 25cm below the water outlet of the heat pump, you must install a siphon to prevent back flow of the chemical to the pump when water flow is interrupted.

The device should never be working with no water circulation in the hydraulic system.