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Aster Filter

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Beige laminated polyester and fibreglass body with boltless lid and polypropylene base. Equipped with pressure gauge, water drainage plug, and multiport valve. Maximum working pressure: 2,5 kg/cm2. Filtration velocity: 50 m3/h/m2.

Product Information:
– Sand filters, laminated with polyester/fibreglass resin. Comes in gray Ral 7038.
– Equipped with collectors of 1″ diameter and diffuser of highly resistant PVC and PP plastic.
– Fitted with pressure gauge, manual air and water purge valves.
– Side-mount 6-way multiport valve with filter, backwash, rinse, recirculate, waste and closed.
– Polypropylene base.
– Screwless cover for quick opening and closing. – Maximum flow rate: 50 m3/h/m2.
– Maximum operating pressure: 2,5 kg/cm2.