Automatic Dosing Done Right.

Dr. Kuntze.

Make chemical dosing easy with a Dr Kuntze automatic dosing system.



Controlled and reliable measurements are driven by Kuntze Krypton® systems. The measuring system includes all customer needs for disinfectant measurement: instrument, sensors, assembly and cables.

The Kuntze Krypton® DIS is used to measure free chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone or hydrogen peroxide, and temperature. Measuring parameter and range can be chosen via the instruments menu. Kuntze Krypton® DIS is delivered fully assembled and ready to use.



Cloud Connect.




Control your water measurement at any time, from any place - even on mobile devices. The Kuntze Cloud Connect provides a dashboard to view all the key performance indicators from your pool- it will monitor and alert you to any problems


The Kuntze StabiFlow® is a simple mechanical device to control the flow of water past the sensors for precise measurement of the disinfectant product. The values are:

  • Constant flow of approx. 30 l/h

  • Stable, precise and reliable measurements

  • Cost reduction due to increased life expectancy of the electrodes

Automatic Sensor Cleaning.


ASR® is Kuntze's patented automatic sensor cleaning  

  • ASR® keeps the electrode surfaces automatically clean and reduces maintenance efforts. ASR® is available for measurement of Free Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide


Cost reduction due to less maintenance

  • No manual cleaning

  • No refill of chemical or physical agents

  • Massively reduced calibration demand